Hello Summer. 2021 Foray Schedule

It’s been a long haul, hasn’t it?

Here is the tentative schedule for forays. Please note, the way events are conducted has changed. You must be a member to participate. Foray and other event details are being communicated by email to members and will not be posted on line. There will also be a pre-registration process for forays, so you can’t just show up on a whim. Spontaneity has taken a hit during the pandemic. Please read your MMA emails carefully for instructions. Our hard working myco-volunteers and generous landowners appreciate your understanding of a more disciplined process going forward.

We hope this list helps you plan your summer and fall and prompts you to monitor your email for newsletters and updates about events. Now, we just need more rain…–Mary Yurlina

Real world, in person forays (tentative)

July 24, Saturday, 9:30, Gardiner

August 22, Sunday, 10:00, Waldoboro

Sept. 11, Saturday, 10:00, Monson

Sept. 25, Saturday, 10:00, Cumberland

Oct. 2, Saturday, Lubec

Oct. 16, Saturday, South China

Oct. 31, Sunday, Freeport

On screen, virtual forays. Links will be sent by email.

Friday July 25 6:30 pm

Sunday August 29 6:30 pm

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