Membership Required.  Forays are a benefit of membership.  If you are not a member you are welcome to check out one foray.  Should you decide to attend more forays, you must become a member.  It’s only $10 per year.

Foray Rescheduling/ Pop-up Forays.  This season seems to be drier than the past four. Forests and gardens should be lush without watering. They are barely holding on even with watering. For years we have scheduled forays long in advance, and the rains have cooperated. Last year, for the second time in two years, we cancelled a foray because of drought, but there were mushrooms in other parts of the state. This year, if it has rained and mushrooms are popping up in your area, but not where the foray is scheduled, contact either Cheryl or Michaeline at least a week ahead of a scheduled foray and suggest a different location for the scheduled foray.  We will email the change of location to members.

Members, if we do not have your email address, please call to confirm the location of the foray a few days before. If you do not receive an email cancelling or changing the location, then the foray will be as scheduled.


October 20, Saturday, 10am, Bangor City Forest, Kittridge Road entrance, Bangor. Host: Dr. Seanna Annis 866-5761 or cell 735-8412
South end of the Bangor City Forest. This is a good mixed woods with deciduous and conifer trees with many boggy areas.

Directions: DeLorme map 23. From I-95, exit 187 and turn onto Hogan Road West. Follow Hogan Rd. 0.8 mile to Stillwater Ave. Turn right onto Stillwater Ave. and then left onto Kittridge Road. Follow Kittridge Rd. until it turns into a gravel road. Park on the side at the top of the hill. We will be foraying on either side of the road.


November 4, Sunday, 10am, Whittier’s Woods, Launch Drive boat launch, East Monmouth. Host: Cheryl St. Pierre 725-4875 or 607-9226
We have been here twice in the last couple of years but it is such a nice forest I couldn’t resist trying it out in late season. This is a 60 acre lakeside forest along Cobbosseecontee Lake. It has a well-marked, easy walking trail with stands of beech, white pine, hemlock, and red pine with birch, oak and ash mixed in. There are two streams and some wetlands. It also has two picnic shelters and a port-a-potty. Directions: DeLorme map 12. The public landing and parking are located on the lower west side of the lake.

From Monmouth follow rte. 135 east to East Monmouth and turn right onto Launch Drive.***Follow Launch Dr. bearing right at the “Y” to the boat launch parking area. Please park in the parking area just as you enter it to avoid taking up too many boat launching parking spots. From Winthrop, follow rte. 135 west to East Monmouth and turn left onto Launch Drive and follow the instructions above at ***.


Good bye Summer.  Thanks for the memories.


Here is the foray schedule for 2018.

June 30, Saturday, 9:30am, Stonewood Trail, Stonewood Drive, Freeport. Host: Cheryl St. Pierre 725-4875 or 607-9226

This property is managed by the Freeport Conservation Trust and has well-marked trails. At the start of the trail you will find yourself in an upland forest with a large vernal pool area. The trails continue gently up and down, crossing streams and wet areas, through coastal mixed forest of large spruce, hemlock, and pine with middle age oak, fir and birch.

Directions: DeLorme map 6.  Take I-295 to exit 20 (Desert Road). Turn east on Desert Rd. towards Freeport Village. At the traffic light turn right onto rte. 1 south. Travel 1.2 miles to Stonewood Drive on your left, directly across from The Bike and Ski Shop. Drive to the end of Stonewood Dr. (About 0.1 mile) to the trailhead and parking.

July 8, Sunday, 2pm, Caesar Pond Wildlife Management Area, Town of Bowdoin. Host: Michaeline Mulvey 737-8695

This wildlife management area has wetlands, including a bog and a stream so there will be plenty of moist areas. The upland forest consists of a mix of various species of hardwoods and conifers with a wide range of ages. If you feel the need to get to the bog, you will need boots and hike a moderate distance with a lot of fallen tree obstacles. One could reach it fairly easily with a kayak or canoe, but nothing motorized as the pond is too shallow and there isn’t a launch area.

Directions: DeLorme map 6.  Take I-295 to exit 37 (Bowdoinham/Bowdoin); turn left  (west, or right from the north) onto rtes. 125 S/138 for about 0.1 mile to a right onto Pond Road/125 south (there is a Park and Ride at this intersection); travel 1.6 miles to a stop sign at the rte. 201 intersection; turn right, travel a few hundred feet to a left onto rte 125 S/Main St.; travel 1.5 miles to Litchfield Rd. on the right (This intersection is not signposted but there is the Bowdoin Town Store (BTS) and gas station on this corner and it is opposite the Meadow Road.); go 2.1 miles on the Litchfield Rd. to the gravel road to parking for Caesar Pond on the left. There will be a brown Wildlife Management Area sign across from mailbox #443.

July 21, Saturday, 10:00 am, 18 McAlister Road, Buckfield. Host: Vivian 522-2756

Located at the base of Streaked Mountain, this is an old farmstead area with fields and mixed woods with a wide variety of hardwoods and conifers. Some of these trees (butternut and hickory) are Oxford county big tree winners. There is a boggy area that was once used for growing cranberries and there are intermittent streams with normal rainfall. Walking paths thread through the wooded areas.  A bonus–there is a large screened-in porch for the collection if it is rainy or buggy.HOST REQUEST: If you are going to use insect repellant, please apply it where you park and not out on the property as it is all “organic”.

Directions: DeLorme map 11. From the North (Sumner/Farmington): Take rte. 140 south into Buckfield Village. At the stop sign turn right onto Streaked Mt. Rd./ rte. 117 and travel 2.5 miles up Streaked Mt.. Turn left onto McAlister Rd. to the site ***( Site approx. 1/10 mile on McAlister Rd. to the first yellow house after the big barn on your left.)  From the West (Norway/So. Paris): Take Streaked Mt. Rd./rte.117 up and over Streaked Mt. Travel approx. 8.7 miles and turn right onto McAlister Rd.. Continue at *** from the north above.  From the South (Auburn/Lewiston): Take rtes 4/202 north to Turner yellow flashing light and junction rtes 4 and 117 ( Turner St.). Turn left onto rte.117 and travel 8.5 miles to Buckfield Village. Stay on rte.117; travel 2.5 miles up the mountain. Turn left onto McAlister Rd. Continue at  *** directions from the north above.  From the East (Augusta/Manchester/Wayne): Check Google Map for best route into Buckfield Village. (Approx. 45 minutes from Augusta). From Buckfield Village, take Streaked Mt. Rd.(rte 117) west towards Norway/So. Paris and travel 2.5 miles from the Village and turn left onto McAlister Rd. Continue at  *** directions from the north above.

August 5, Sunday, 10:00 am, Sortwell Memorial Forest, Wiscasset. Host: Nick Repenning, 504-1605.

While there has been some recent thinning on this 90-acre property, their still remains mature stands of White Pine and Hemlock. There are some low lying wet land areas as well as a thick carpet of forest duff left behind to hold in some of the moisture. This forest connects to a network of trails leading to The Morris Farm and Wiscasset High School and Community Center. The forest is fairly prolific and abounds with fungi and is even somewhat fruitful in dry periods.

Directions: DeLorme map 7. From point South follow Rt 295 N to Rt 1 N into Wiscasset. After you have entered “the village of Wiscasset” and the speed limit has reduced to 25 mph and 0.1 mile before the intersection of rt 27 and Rt 1 take a left onto Churchill Street, drive about 0.4 miles and then take the first left onto Willow Road. The forest is about 0.5 miles on right.
From Augusta take Rt 27 S At the intersection of Routes 1 and 27 take Route 1 south about 0.1 mile. Take the first right onto Churchill Street, drive about 0.4 miles and then take the first left onto Willow Road. The forest is about 0.5 miles on right.

August 18, Saturday 1:00 pm Birdsacre, 289 High St, Ellsworth. Host: David Porter 610-3542 

Birdsacre is the Margaret Stanwood Wildlife Sanctuary, a mixed spruce/fir/hardwood forest of 200 acres with streams and ponds and several miles of trails.

Directions: DeLorme map 24. Follow route 1 (and 3) or 1A to Ellsworth.  In Ellsworth take High St SE for 1.0 mi. Continue straight (right lane) on route 3 for 0.3 mi to Birdsacre at 289 High St. on the right. 

August 26, Sunday, 1:00pm, Riverbend Farm, owned by the Ecology School, Drew Dumsch, Executive Director, 184 Simpson Road, Saco.  Host: Thomas Klak 207-391-9496

105 acre parcel permanently protected by conservation easement by Maine Farmland Trust. Approximately 70 acres of forest, both hardwood and conifers. Rolling terrain. Some marsh & pond areas.

Directions: DeLorme map 3. From I-95, take exit 36/Saco. After going through the toll booth ( You won’t pay a toll.), take an immediate right on Exit #1 to “Industrial Park Road”. Turn left at light on Industrial Park Rd. and get into the right lane. Turn right at the light onto rte. 112 North. Go 3.7 miles. After you pass Heath Rd., start to slow down and put your left indicator on. Turn left on Simpson Rd. (The road sign is hard to see). Go about 1.6 miles across a bridge. Turn left at the next driveway after the bridge at the sign “Riverbend Farm”.

Note that the mailbox for 184 is on the right but the driveway is on the left. Drive down the driveway until you reach the outbuildings where you can park.

Sept. 8, Saturday, 11:00am, Dodge Point Public Preserve, Newcastle. Hosts: Don Cameron 588-7132 and Mary Yurlina 404-6430

For the most part, mixed forest with pines, birch, maple, oak, hemlock, hop hornbeam and beech with a nice percentage of big, old trees. Pleasing understory. There’s an ice pond, some drainages and a brick filled beach on the Damariscotta River. It has about 500 acres with 4 main trails in good condition. 

Directions: DeLorme map 7.  From North: Take Newcastle exit off US Route 1 and turn left on Mills Road. Follow the road for 0.5 miles. At the stop sign, head straight following River Road for 2.5 miles. The parking lot and trail-head will be on your left.  From South: Take Newcastle exit off US Route 1. At end of off ramp, turn right onto River Road, follow for 2.5 miles. The parking lot and trail-head will be on your left.

Sept. 23, Sunday, 2:00pm, Thoit’s Brook (Pownal Elementary School), Pownal. Host: Cheryl St. Pierre 607-9226

A nice variety of hardwoods and conifers with a brook. This area borders the western boundary of Bradbury Mountain State Park. There are good trails. Meet at the Pownal Elementary School.

Directions: DeLorme map 5.  I-295, exit 22/Freeport, head west (away from the village) 0.1 mile to the junction of rtes. 125 and 136. Turn left, go approx. 4.5 miles to the traffic light at rte. 9. Continue straight for 0.5 mile to the elementary school on the right where we will park.  From Gray; Take rte. 115 east for 3-4 miles; turn left onto Mill Rd.. At the stop sign (junction of Mill Rd. and rte. 231) go straight onto North Rd.. At the stop sign, turn left onto rte. 9. Then, at the traffic light in Pownal Center, turn left onto Elmwood Rd.. Look for the elementary school parking area 0.5 mile on the right.

Aroostook County, Again!

COLUMBUS DAY IN THE COUNTY! Saturday – Monday, October 6-8, 2018

Join us in the “County” for a great holiday weekend foray at Mike and Betty McNally’s camp.  Hundreds of miles of dirt roads and thousands of acres available to be explored for mushrooms. No gate fees. A compass, a good sense of direction, and an article of hunter orange clothing would be a good idea.

Remember the fun we had spending holiday weekends in Lubec with Anne Rugh, friends, new and old, mushrooming two days, instead of a half day, finding species (edible or not) that we don’t commonly see? And, because it’s Mike, this time I expect that there will be good conversation about growing your own edibles. Plan to spend the weekend, either camping in the back field or staying at one of the nearby hunting camps. Plan on wandering around on your own on Saturday, bringing back your finds for show and tell (or the pot….).

The official foray will be Sunday afternoon at 1 pm. We will send out an email in the month before the date confirming the location. If we don’t have your email address, please confirm the location in the month before the foray by contacting Mike cell: 841-6939. Brunswick phone: 725-7598.

Directions: Route 95 north to the Patten exit, Rt. 11 north, or any exit that leads to Rt. 11 Continue through the village of Masardis About 1.5 miles past the village turn left onto Garfield Road (the first paved left). Continue 3 miles to 1174 Garfield Rd. and the log home on the right, across from Bet’s Green house. Masardis is 10 miles south of Ashland and about 40-45 miles north of Patten.

Is tenting your cup tea? You may want to consider Mike and Betty’s yard where there are large grassy areas available to pitch your tent. Their basement bathroom and shower will be open to campers. County address, 1174 Garfield Rd. Masardis, Maine, will be our foray headquarters.

If you don’t want to tent, book a camp now because folks will be up that weekend scouting for moose season.