{Science} Pollution, Tree Health, and Ectomycorrhizal Fungi

“Environment and host as large-scale controls of ectomycorrhizal fungi” can be found in Nature Volume 558, pp. 243–248 (2018).  By the way, I’ve never seen so many authors on an article before–Sietse van der Linde,  Laura M. Suz,  C. David L. Orme,  Filipa Cox,  Henning Andreae,  Endla Asi,  Bonnie Atkinson,  Sue Benham,  Christopher Carroll,  Nathalie Cools,  Bruno De Vos,  Hans-Peter Dietrich,  Johannes Eichhorn,  Joachim Gehrmann,  Tine Grebenc,  Hyun S. Gweon,  Karin Hansen,  Frank Jacob,  Ferdinand Kristöfel,  Paweł Lech,  Miklós Manninger,  Jan Martin,  Henning Meesenburg,  Päivi Merilä,  Manuel Nicolas,  Pavel Pavlenda,  Pasi Rautio,  Marcus Schaub,  Hans-Werner Schröck,  Walter Seidling,  Vít Šrámek,  Anne Thimonier,  Iben Margrete Thomsen,  Hugues Titeux,  Elena Vanguelova,  Arne Verstraeten,  Lars Vesterdal,  Peter Waldner,  Sture Wijk,  Yuxin Zhang,  Daniel Žlindra, and Martin I. Bidartondo–quite a team effort! And it sounds like it had to be, what with 137 forests across Europe, 13,000 soil samples, and 40,000 tree roots to analyze.  The study, prompted by declining tree health across Europe, found that air and soil quality impacts soil fungi composition, which in turn effects tree nutrition.  

This looks like an interesting research paper so I’ll need to hunt it down in a library since I don’t subscribe to the journal NATURE.  A summary of the article can be found on the website of Imperial College London (one of the investigating institutions) here.



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